It’s a full moon today and I saw an article that I wanted to pass along.  I’ve blogged about moon phases before, but I fear that this story will never go away as long as there are people on the earth and a moon in the sky above. today posted a short article discussing the “Lunar Effect” and asks “Does a full moon really trigger strange behavior?”  Too lazy to go read it?  I’ll cut to the chase for you: ABSOLUTELY NOT.



A couple of weeks ago, the Hubble Telescope suffered from a serious hardware malfunction in the data handling circuitry.  A remote repair is now planned with the hopes that some of the telescopes 18 year old redundant circuitry can be utilized.

A trip by the space shuttle Atlantis to add new instruments has been delayed due to the problem and will need to be rescheduled.

The Hubble is the most famous of all deep space telescopes due to the controversial cost and a history of problems.  Overall though, it is hard to argue with the vast knowledge that has been gleaned from Hubble data.  Many serious questions have been answered and new mysteries have resulted but most memorable to me are the wonderful images that have been captured (once the flawed mirror was replaced during the first service mission.)

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You don’t need to be interested in the science of Sun Spots to find these images amazing.