in my home stu stu studio

in my home stu stu studio

Skeptic, Science Enthusiast, Beer Drinker, Techno Geek, Musician, Engineer, Photographer, and apparently now a Writer…

… and in case you’re wondering about the picture at the top of the page – That was taken on the rim of Mt. Kilimanjaro on a morning in January 2007.  To see more photos from my trip, check out the photo galleries here.

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6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. andrealudwig Says:

    Thomas was a skeptic too. God loves a sincere skeptic. He is not so fond of the arrogant type though. Which are you?

  2. WTF Chuck? Says:

    Ah. Doubting Thomas was a skeptic in so much as he did question Jesus but I would not necessarily consider him a skeptic in the way I use the term. If I had to apply a label, I would say that I consider my self an empirical skeptic. I apply logic and reason while trying to maintain an open mind.

    As far as arrogance, I do try to not be arrogant or condescending but not because your God wouldn’t be pleased.

  3. cwillz Says:

    I had fun poking around here today. BTW – Kilimanjaro!!!! I have also wanted to see it. Hemmingway’s fault.

  4. WTF Chuck? Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. There are pics from my trip to Tanzania here:

    I definitely recommend climbing Kili if you ever get the opportunity.

  5. Chuck, nice pictures. I just checked out the Kilimanjaro peak pictures. I’ll look at the rest later. That must have been pretty surreal being at the top. I’ve climbed Mt Fuji, which isn’t as tall, but is steeper than Kilimanjaro. It would be amazing to climb Kilimanjaro.

  6. Abner Says:

    I sort of discovered your website by accident, but your web site captured my eye and i also thought that I would post to tell you that I like it.

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