If you don’t want to see changes to the healthcare system in this country, then there are two things that I can say with reasonable certainty:

1. You, your family, and those you care most about have good healthcare insurance

2. You don’t know (or simply don’t care) that millions of children don’t have healthcare insurance, thousands of Americans die every year due to a lack of healthcare insurance, the sickest often can’t get insurance due to pre-existing conditions (even after paying into the system for years), and that costs are skyrocketing.

I’m not claiming that I have the answers.  Anyone who says they do is either caught up in hype or full of shit (probably both.)  With something this charged, it’s hard to filter through the rhetoric being slung around.  As usual, the loudest voices are from the most left and most right (both fraught with misinformation, scare tactics, and even outright lies).

It’s probably asking too much but I would like to see our politicians engage in less politics, less lying, less bullshit, and more intelligent discussion about what the problems are and what can done.  I believe that no one bill will fix everything.  Changing laws almost never does fix something 100%.  But changes can be made and things can be improved.  Sometimes the answer is a series of incremental changes based on previous success and failures.  Sometimes large, wholesale changes are necessary, still followed by tweaks to move things in the right direction.  I don’t claim to know enough about this issue to say what exactly should or shouldn’t be done.  IMO, no single person can (not even the nitwits on cable news.)

If recent history is any indication though, the only changes that the healthcare industry will make if left to their own devices are increases in cost and restrictions.  In this case, unfortunately, the government needs to get involved.

It’s probably asking too much but I would like to see some discussion