The latest deadly example of a complete lack of common sense in the outdoors: 11 Year old Boy dies in Death Valley

Completely avoidable tragic events happen when people completely ignore common sense.  If this woman didn’t have GPS and a cell phone would she have gone off road into Death Valley to go camping?  Would she have registered with the park service?  Would she have brought more than a single case of water?

In the modern world, we sometimes forget that there are large expanses of harsh environment where we need knowledge of survival techniques if something goes wrong.  We rely on technology so much in our everyday lives that we lose the ability to step back and solve problems the old fashioned way – by using a little common sense an doing some basic research before we jump in the car and take off.

Sad.  Very sad.  Will people learn from this?  Probably not.  Once this story runs it’s course through the news and morning talk show circuits, it’ll be forgotten by the very people who need to pay attention.  People like Alicia Sanchez taking their child out for an overnight camping trip.