I was reading a news story today about the apparent success of the Creation Museum.  Rather than go into the reasons why this museum would be funny if it weren’t so damned ridiculous, I’ll instead focus on something else.

I always find the comments to these stories interesting because there are always people doing their best to defend God and their literal interpretation of the Judeo-Christian Bible.  This story was no exception and prompted me to leave the following comment:

If the comments here prove one thing, it is this:  That some people embrace the methods of scientific inquiry.  They marvel at the universe and ask questions, study research, form opinions, and change their opinions based upon new evidence.  They strive to learn more and seldom reject new ideas.

Then there are those who start with an extremely narrow view, have no curiosity, and who spout the same tired arguments over and over again despite overwhelming evidence presented against them.  They have a disdain for for any knowledge and inquiry beyond what can be found in scripture,  They are so insecure in their beliefs that they will not allow themselves to even consider the possibility that dissenting opinions have merit.

I know where I stand and from my vantage point the universe is full of wonders beyond imagining and my thirst for knowledge has never been quenched.

I wonder if that will elicit some words of wisdom from God’s Defenders of Truth (i.e. The Fundy Nutjobs)…