This political season has been  the most interesting one that I can really remember.  I have followed the primary season, conventions, and run up to the election closer than ever before.  I’ve tried not to get too caught up in the politics, irrational exuberance, or outright disdain that the media and public at large have displayed.  Rather, I have sat and watched, read, and listened to what people and the press have to say.  It’s been more of an exercise into understanding human nature.

Tonight is the much anticipated VP debate.  I admit that I have my opinions about the candidates and know who I’ll vote for but I also know that my vote will truly not count.  But that is another subject…

I, as I believe most Americans, will not be making a voting decision based on the outcome of this debate but will watch anyway.  I will be watching to see how prepared the VP candidates are.  I’ll be watching to see how much party rhetoric they spew without actually adding any insight.  I’ll watch to see if Biden can stay on point.  I’ll watch to see if Palin can rebound from a week of media hits over recent interviews.  I’ll watch to see if either candidate gets a chance to use the well-crafted zingers that you know they’ve been working on for days.  Afterwards, I’ll be watching to see how the party apologists, pundits, and spin-miesters support their candidate’s performance and trash the oponent’s.  I’ll be watching the so-called ‘objective’ media.

But most of all, I’ll watch to see if either nominee causes a train wreck and will probably enjoy if at least one of them do.  I admit it.  That’s what I call Must See TV.