Despite decades (or more) of research no one has ever found a correlation between astronomical events and human behavior (or anything else for that matter.)  Of course, that doesn’t mean anything to people who ‘know better’.  I mean it’s accepted without question by some people that behavior changes during a full moon.  I don’t want to beat this dead horse but another piece of evidence, albeit circumstantial, just occurred  to me.

The insurance industry employs some of the best statisticians in the world.  The entire industry depends (and survives) because actuaries study all types of data to insure (pardon the pun) that companies can offer competitive premiums with minimum risk to the insuring company.

The point is that if there were anything to astrology or full moons, insurance companies would all know about it and be pushing for research to understand it.  If, for example, hospitals were busier or more accidents occurred when the moon is full, the medical insurers would know.  That type of correlation would stand out in the statistics like a Republican at a PETA rally.