A Swedish Muslim woman believes that she received a sign from Allah when she found the words “Muhammad” and “Allah” inside a Mango that she sliced open. (article)

Of course, it is believed by many local Muslims to be a miracle and she now has a stream of visitors to see the rotten piece of fruit.

I mention this because first of all it struck me as rather funny.  Also, it’s kind of ironic that Allah would send a sign to a woman since in at least some Islam sects, they are in fact treated as second class members of society.  Finally, it shows that this sort of belief is not just confined to Christians who seem to find miracles in grilled cheese and rust stains all over the world.

This is, of course, a simple case of pareidolia, a tendancy of the human mind to find patterns in random data.  This is why see faces in clouds, or hear voices in the wind, or see Jesus on a used tissue.  The combination of this ability along with our imaginations are what lead to all sorts of crazy and wonderful experiences.

So next time you cut open a peach and see Joe Walsh staring you in the face, don’t bother to take a picture.  Just eat the damn thing and sing along with the voice in your head: “Life’s been good to me so far …”