September 2008

Since John McCain picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, there have been numerous reports in the news regarding her faith, the churches that she has belonged to, and her public statements regarding religion.  Is this fair game?  You bet it is.

Separation of church and state is a fundamental principal upon which this country was founded. Trying to gauge any politician’s views related to religious freedom and separation issues is important.  Palin’s history makes this even more so because of her affiliation with fundamentalist Christian churches.



California startup NanoH20 has recently secured $15 Million to further develop a water purification membrane using 3D nano particles.  The technology is claimed to dramatically increase the efficiency of reverse osmosis water filtering systems such as desalinization plants.  Fresh water availability is one of the biggest issues facing 3rd world countries today, leading to starvation due to drought as well as disease due to consumption of contaminated water.

This may not be the Holy Grail in terms of being able to supply everyone with fresh water but it is another example of the dramatic technological advances being made with nano-tech materials research.  If the material does what NanoH2O claims, look for them to be scooped up by someone in 2009.

More info at Technology Review

The next few days should be very interesting.  With the US economy facing serious issues, the two parties and their presidential nominees are scrambling to gain the most political points while attempting to initiate action to solve the crisis.  The problem of course is that there is so much at stake in all of the elections, especially the presidential election, that every decision is being made based upon politics as much as (or more than) what is best for the country.  OK.  So that is just my opinion, but after watching politicians play their games for quite a few years I think that it isn’t far from the truth.

In any case, I really hope these folks can get something done while they scramble to deflect blame and take credit.

Despite failure after failure, the Christian Fundamentalists keep trying to bring their god into the classroom.  As widely followed in the news, the Intelligent Design proponents have failed thus far in their attempts to teach theology in science class.  Less widely reported but just as disturbing is a new tact by the conservative Christians to impose their views on our society.


Here is the States, we are in the finals weeks of a long election cycle.  This is a critical time for candidates and their campaigns, as evidenced by the deluge of ads on television.  Even though I live in what is basically an uncontested state in the northeast, the ads seem more pervasive every week.  I can’t imagine what it’s like in key ‘battleground states’ like Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Florida.