This has been eating at me for some time and I finally felt that it was time to put something in writing.

Most people realize that a significant number of Americans don’t believe in evolution.  They don’t make any apologies.  They just don’t believe it.  They haven’t got a clue about the basic principles of science and don’t care one bit.  Leaders like Arkansas Governor (and Presidential Candidate) Mike Huckabee share this world view and the fact that he has been running his campaign on a platform of Christian Fundamentalism is an indication that these beliefs are not only held by a fringe minority.

The beliefs held by many fundamentalists of various religious affiliations don’t end with a dismissal of evolutionary biology.  Many Evangelicals’ beliefs are also at odds with Natural History, Geology, and to some extent Cosmology, Astronomy, Medicine, Quantum Mechanics, Sociology, Micro Biology, etc, etc.  And when I say “at odds with”, what I mean is in COMPLETE DISAGREEMENT with these sciences.  For example, consider this question: “Is the Earth 6000 years old or 4 billion years old?”  For someone who has no doubt whatsoever that the answer is 6000 years, the basic underlying principles of many scientific disciplines simply have to wrong.

The Conservative Evangelicals have an inherent disregard for science.  Actually in many cases, it’s an outright hatred of science.  Sure.  They love technology.  Christians love to broadcast their message of Jesus’ love on HDTV.  Most have no problem with the wonders of science as long as it doesn’t conflict with their world view.